My name is

Yohannes zhou

It all started in July 2016, when I embarked on a desperate attempt – establishing my own digital marketing agency from scratch. Armed with boundless enthusiasm and a handful of digital skills, I took on the role of a one-man army. Picture this: a guy in his mid 30s bouncing past a failed business endeavour, traversing the streets, knocking on doors, and naively offering my social media management services to local businesses. After a week of relentless efforts, I secured my very first client, marking the genesis of a thrilling adventure.

At the outset, I was a jack of all trades, dabbling in various digital skills. I handled everything – marketing my services, managing Instagram accounts, crafting content planners, designing graphics, editing videos, and even capturing photos and videos for content purposes. This new career decision stemmed from my passion for photography and an urge to find my calling. Equipping myself with a foolish confidence, I believed I could tackle the challenges ahead. I was driven by a simple quote on the internet “Jump off a cliff and learn to fly afterward.” And plunged, i did.

However, the exhilarating pace of my daily hustle soon led to burnout. Juggling multiple client accounts became an overwhelming task, forcing me to hire a graphic designer. The newly appointed apprentice directly lifted off my burden and also taught me how to delegate tasks for better results. As the agency grew bigger, I found myself leading a small yet talented team of nine individuals froom various expertise such as graphic design, photography, content planner and social media admin.

With managerial duties and strategic thinking occupying my time, I delved into the intricate world of social media management tools. It was inevitable: i had to find tools that not only met our needs but also exceeded client expectations. With the right tools, I believed i could implement continuous improvement. Even a 1% daily incremental progress could move mountains over time.

Working in this digital agency gave me the opportunity to try dozens of digital products, exploring various kinds to gain competitive advantages. The rapidly emerging tools didn’t stop me; instead, it fueled my determination to curate a repertoire of tools that truly delivered value for money.

With this short bio, I’m inviting you to join me on this discovery process. Let’s navigate the fast changing trends of algorithm together, while at the time uncovering hidden gems that make a difference in our digital marketing tasks. As I share my insights and discoveries, I hope to empower you with the knowledge to make informed choices and never regret your purchase.